Available Puppies, Up-coming & planned litters


We are very careful when it comes to our babies and make sure they have the best start to a wonderful, long lived life. To help do this we take part in genetic health testing to help maintain a healthy future for each new generation! Such health testing includes OFA hips, elbows, EIC, CNM and PRA testing. A few extras you will find are Dilute, HNPK, DM and Cardiac testing. Our puppies are usually EIC, CNM and PRA Cleared by parentage!


Our puppies will have their first 1st puppy vaccine (at 8wks) and be current on de-worming. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at 9wks of age. We also offer a 26 month hip warranty, 14mo eye warranty as well as a standard 72 hr health guarantee. We also guarantee our puppies to never be affected by EIC, CNM or PRA! All puppies are AKC registered (limited), and will be accompanied with a helpful puppy packet filled with information, health records, copies of each parents health clearances, titles and pedigrees, sample bag of kibble, a "doggy bag" of treats and a toy!


Our puppies and adults are now fed Loyall Professional 31/20 All Life stages dog food. So far results have been great!

Please note: The AKC registration is completed by us and you will need to bring a check or money order made out to the AKC. We will notify you of the prices for each package a few weeks before pick-up is scheduled. Please be sure to have an AKC registered name chosen by pick-up as well. The registered name must include "LaBrook" (ie: LaBrook's 2Hot 2Handle). If you do not have a registered name by pick up, then we can provide one for your puppy.

Current Availability



October 2017- Sophie and Teddy welcomed a lovely litter on

October 5th. We have 3 boys and 1 girl available. The puppies

are EIC, CNM, Prcd-PRA and dilute cleared by parentage.



Click here for

the litter pedigree

(coming soon)

October 2017 - Bocce has been bred to Teddy for a litter of all yellows due November 7th!

This litter will have a great pedigree with many Champions and Master Hunters throughout.


Puppies from this litter will be EIC, CNM, PRA and Dilute cleared by parentage.

Bocce is OFA Hips Excellent and Elbows Normal, as well as EIC, CNM, PRA and dilute clear.

Teddy is OFA Hips Excellent and Elbows Normal, as well as EIC, CNM, PRA and dilute clear.

We will accept a total of 6 deposits at this time, 3 males and 3 females.



Hottie On The Beech x Ireland Farms Belle Of Chalen

OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, EIC Clear, CNM Clear, PRCD-PRA Clear and dilute clear.

CH Pt'd High Voltage Rough Rider, SH x LaBrook's Crazy N'I Know It

OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, EIC Clear, CNM Clear, PRCD-PRA Clear and dilute clear.

- Planned Litters: late 2017 into 2018/2019 -

We do have a couple litters planned for later this year, and a couple planned for 2018/19.

See below for details/ planned litter announcements. Time frame is only an approx.

*please be aware that stud selection is subject to change depending on availability*


We do have a couple older pups available.

Click here for more information! (opens in a PDF)


Winter 2017/2018 - Holly will be bred to Bam for blacks & yellows or all blacks.

Bam is an Italian Import, sired by BISS GCH-CH Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night.

This litter will be a loose linebreeding on BISS CH Dickendall Arnold. We expect some amazing puppies!


Deposits will be accepted once Holly has been bred. We are taking names for our wait list at this time for this nice litter. Holly will be in season this winter. We will update this page once she has been bred.

2018: We have pushed back our plans for Bree. We have decided that she will be bred later in 2018.

We are on the fence about the stud we will be using, so check back at a later date for updates!


2018- Kodi will be bred to Teddy for a litter of Blacks & Yellows. This will be a nice combination of

working show lines and working lines. Kodi is a smaller framed girl, weighing just around 55lbs.

She is sired by Boss N Rivers Rollin Request, CGC and comes from a very nice pedigree. Teddy

is the son of AKC CH pt'd High Voltage Rough Rider, SH and also comes from a very nice pedigree.

We expect these pups to be on the smaller side, around 65 or so lbs for the males and 55 lbs for females.

Both Kodi and Teddy are very mellow, relaxed and laid back family companions so we expect

the same from their puppies. Puppies cannot be affected by EIC, CNM, PRA or dilute as both

parents are clear. We will begin accepting deposits at a later date, however do have our wait list

open for anyone interested. Please feel free to contact us to be added.

Puppies from this litter will be $700 with limited AKC registration

Our puppies are priced depending on the sire to the litter and pedigree, and if placed as a companion only (with limited AKC registration) or if placed with Full registration. Please see each litter announcement for price.

Deposit to hold is $300. We will announce once deposits are being accepted, on the litter announcement.

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about a specific litter. Thank you!

Q & A:


When do the Puppies get to go home?

Puppies are able to leave for their new family at 9weeks. Puppies must be picked up at 9 wks.

There is a $10 per day boarding charge for puppies who are here beyond 9wks and their new owner will also be responsible to pay for any additional vaccines that are needed. Puppies that are not picked up by 12wks will be offered back as available and deposit forfeited.

When can we visit?

Those with a deposit on a puppy can schedule an appointment to come meet the puppies and mom (most times we do not own the stud). Puppy visitations begin after the puppies have turned 6wks of age. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to protect our puppies from diseases and viruses at such a delicate age. Visitations can be weekly once the puppies are 6wks. Please be aware that visitations during the work week are not available, visits are scheduled on Saturday or Sunday only BY APPOINTMENT at least a week in advance. No "drop ins" or same day requests.

AKC Full vs AKC Limited- what's the difference?

The difference between the two: Full registration means you have all rights, pup can be shown and can be bred when older (basically unlimited). Limited means the pup 1) cannot show in AKC conformation and 2) if bred, the offspring cannot be registered with the AKC. Regardless of the registration status, they both still mean your puppy is AKC registered. Breeders usually place puppies going to companion homes with limited, as they are not intended to be bred or shown. A puppy placed with full registration is usually placed in a show or performance home/ breeder and usually these puppies are the best of their litter (meet the breeders standards and the AKC standards).


Do you place puppies with Full registration?

We place all puppies that are companion only with Limited registration only. Yes, we are open to discuss the possibility of placing a puppy with full registration. We ask that if you are interested in a puppy with full registration that you please contact us and we can talk further. Puppies are only placed with Full registration upon approval!!


Do you ship?

No, we do not ship our puppies who are placed in pet homes. You can fly & pick up your puppy personally, and then take the puppy on as carry-on, but we do *not* ship or place puppies sight unseen. We must be able to meet you in person. If you live close enough where a 1/2 way meeting point would be possible, then we could possibly personally meet 1/2 way or do a full delivery to your home. Our delivery fee is .30 cents per mile round trip.


How do we reserve a puppy?

*Please read this carefully*:

We require a non-refunable deposit of $300 to hold a puppy. This is divided into 2 parts if the litter is unborn. The first portion is a $50 wait list deposit that is accepted when the litter is planned/unborn. This will hold your spot in line for a specific color/gender until the litter is born. Once the puppies have been born, and we confirm a puppy born for you, then the remaining $250 of the deposit is due in order to fully reserve that puppy and is due before the litter turns 2 weeks old. If a puppy is not born for you, then you can either have your $50 wait list deposit refunded or carry it over to a future litter.


If the litter is already born then the full deposit of $300 would be required to hold a puppy.


If you back out of a puppy that you reserved, then you knowingly forfeit your deposit. There will be NO refund! We will not hold puppies without a deposit.


The remaining balance for the puppy is due at pick up, and final payment must be in the form of cash. Check/money order final payment must be received no later than 14 business days prior to the puppies turning 9 weeks of age and include any delivery fees (if applicable).


We have the right to refuse placement of a puppy for any reason. If a deposit is placed and we later find that home may not be suitable, then we will refund your deposit.


We also have first right to 1st and 2nd choice over any and all of our litters. This means if you are first to place a deposit, then you will be either 2nd or 3rd pick after us, but first to choose out of the puppy families.

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