LaBrook's Commander-In-Chief- "Teddy"

Health Clearances:


  • OFA Hips Excellent
  • OFA Elbows Normal
  • Eyes CAER Clear
  • EIC Clear (DDC)
  • CNM Clear (DDC)
  • Prcd-PRA Clear (DDC)
  • HNPK Clear (PPG)
  • RD/OSD Clear (PPG)
  • Copper Toxicosis Carrier (PPG)
  • Dilute Gene Clear (DDC)
  • Pure for Yellow (does not carry chocolate)
  • w.7/2015


Teddy is such a wonderful looking boy with a lovely head, very soft expression, wonderful substance and bone, great coat with a thick well wrapped ottertail and a very loving and gentle temperament. He loves everyone he meets! Teddy is starting to finish filling out, so will hopefully be making his appearance in the show ring soon!

Teddy comes from such a great pedigree, not only filled with Champions and performance titled dogs, but also sound health and orthopedics! All 4 of his grandparents are OFA Excellent (his sire and dam are OFA Good- all normal elbows). He and 3 other full siblings are OFA Excellent and 1 OFA Good! His 1/2 sisters, Holly and Mocha, are also OFA Good with Normal Elbows.

His sire, Ted (aka High Voltage Rough Rider), who Teddy was named after, is currently American CH pointed and has his Senior Hunter (SH) title. He currently has 4 passes toward his MH title (1 pass away from being a MH). His sire is Sam, aka American Grand CH Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam, RE UD MH MHU (out of American CH Sundances Paddy's Irish Cream, CD MH and American and Canadian CH Pembroke Blk Mist Poplar Forest, MH). His dam is American CH Pt'd Belle's Image Of Tradition, a daughter of American CH Belle Tradition O'Broad Reach, MH and American CH Rainbo's Listen To Your Heart.

Teddy's dam is our very own Bree (LaBrook's Crazy N'I Know It), who also has a lovely pedigree as well with 7 CH/MH's behind her including American CH Naiken Indian Tempe, MH, who was an English Import and sired by English ShCH Brandhams Show Stopper.

Teddy has one of the highest concentrations of CH/MH's in his pedigree that we have seen. We hope that, with this wonderful combination, we are able to have puppies exceeding in various venues. So far Teddy has been producing lovely puppies! I am very pleased with his first 3 litters, and believe he will make a great impact on our breeding programs future.

Teddy is available at stud to approved females. His stud fee is $600 currently.


This February (2018) we tested Teddy for a few more things and he came back a carrier for Copper Toxicosis. We will now require any female be tested clear of Copper Toxicosis to be considered. Any female that is a carrier (or listed as "at risk" by PPG, should only be bred to Clear males. We will not breed him to any untested female.







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