LaBrook's Storm In The Heartland- "Billy"

Health Clearances:


  • OFA Hips (PENDING)
  • OFA Elbows (PENDING)l
  • EIC pending
  • CNM pending
  • Prcd-PRA pending
  • HNPK pending
  • RD/OSD pending
  • Copper Toxicosis pending
  • Dilute Gene Clear by parentage
  • Black carrying chocolate, may carry yellow
  • w.9/2016


Billy... our sweet, silly goofball of a pup. He is a beautiful boy, stocky, well built, with a lovely thick double coat, thick otter tail and beautiful headpiece. He's sweet tempered, with such an easy going disposition. He is maturing nicely, however is going through the lanky teenager stage at the moment. We hope to get him started in the show ring once he completely fills out.

Billy comes from a very nice pedigree, linebred on very successful Chocolate lines that I love! His sire is our very own Rocky, who has 4 CH/MH's behind him. His dam is Bree, who also has 3 other CH/MH's behind her and a couple Dual Champions! Billy is linebred on CH Naiken Indian Temple, MH, an English Import, and a few others such as CH Ashways Willecare Impression, CD MH and CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley, CDX MH.

Billy will have his OFA hips and elbows completed soon. He will also have his own DNA testing done for EIC, CNM, PRA, RD/OSD, HNPK and Copper Toxicosis.








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