Our Boys

Our handsome boys!



Our boys are available at stud to approved females. We require all basic health clearances,

all females must be dilute clear/ not associated with dilute lines, be AKC registration, etc.

See below for stud service fees, terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!


CH Ptd High Voltage Rough Rider, SH x LaBrook's Crazy N'I KNow It


OFA Hips Excellent • OFA Elbows Normal • Eyes ACVO Clear • Prcd-PRA Clear (DDC) • EIC Clear (DDC) • CNM Clear (DDC) • Dilute Clear by parentage • Pure for Yellow ---W. July 2015



Teddy is such a wonderful looking boy with a lovely head, very soft expression, wonderful substance and bone, great coat with a thick well wrapped ottertail and a very loving and gentle temperament.


Teddy comes from such a great pedigree, not only filled with Champions and performance titled dogs, but also sound health and orthopedics! All 4 of his grandparents are OFA Excellent (his sire and dam are OFA Good- all normal elbows). He and 3 other full siblings are OFA Excellent and 1 OFA Good! His 1/2 sister, Holly, is also OFA Good.


His sire, Ted (aka High Voltage Rough Rider), who Teddy was named after, is currently American CH pointed and has his Senior Hunter (SH) title. He currently has 3 passes toward his MH title (2 passes away from his MH). His sire is Sam, aka American Grand CH Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam, RE UD MH MHU (out of American CH Sundances Paddy's Irish Cream, CD MH and American and Canadian CH Pembroke Blk Mist Poplar Forest, MH). His dam is American CH Pt'd Belle's Image Of Tradition, a daughter of American CH Belle Tradition O'Broad Reach, MH and American CH Rainbo's Listen To Your Heart.


Teddy's dam is our very own Bree (LaBrook's Crazy N'I Know It), who also has a remarkable pedigree with 7 CH/MH's behind her including American CH Naiken Indian Tempe, MH, who was an English Import and sired by English ShCH Brandhams Show Stopper.


Teddy has one of the highest concentrations of CH/MH's in his pedigree!


Teddy is available at stud! His stud fee is at an introductory stud fee of $500 for a limited time!



Boss N Rivers Rollin Request, CGC x LaBrook's Crazy N'I Know It


OFA Hips Pending Age • OFA Elbows Pending Age • Prcd-PRA Cleared by parentage • EIC Cleared by parentage • CNM Cleared by parentage • Black carrying chocolate, may carry yellow • Dilute cleared by parentage --- Full dentition ---w. September 2016


Billy is a beautiful boy, stocky, well built, with a lovely thick double coat, thick otter tail and beautiful headpiece. He's sweet tempered, with such an easy going disposition.


Billy comes from a very nice pedigree, linebred on very successful Chocolate lines that I love! His sire is our very own Rocky, who has 4 CH/MH's behind him. His dam is Bree, who also has 3 other CH/MH's behind her and a couple Dual Champions! Billy is linebred on CH Naiken Indian Temple, MH, an English Import, and a few others such as CH Ashways Willecare Impression, CD MH and CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley, CDX MH.


Billy will have his OFA prelims done at 1yr. He will also have his own DNA testing done for EIC, CNM and PRA.


Billy will be available at stud once all clearances are complete. His introductory stud fee will be $500.


Billy is also being offered available to an approved breeding home, once he has completed his training and clearances. His placement fee will be $2500.00


Rocky is the grandson of CH Naiken Indian Temple, MH; CH Ashways Willcare Impression, CD MH; CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley, CDX MH and several others! He has one impressive pedigree!!!


- Rocky


OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Cardiac Normal

OFA Eyes Clear

Prcd-PRA Clear

EIC Clear

CNM Clear

DM Clear

Dilute Clear

Pure for Chocolate

AKC DNA Profiled

w. May 2006


Sunspot Bayvues By Request x Boss's Rock Me Baby, CD JH


Rocky is a gorgeous boy, very easy going and he adores everyone he meets! He is everything you expect in a Lab and so much more!


Rocky is now retired.

His last litter was born 8/25/17

there is 1 chocolate female possibly available from this litter.

Contact us for more information!



- Tuff


OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal

Eyes ACVO Clear

Prcd-PRA Clear

EIC Clear

CNM Clear

Pure for yellow

AKC DNA Profiled

w. January 2011


Lucky D's Terrible Ted x Bayviews In Total Chaos


Tuff is a gorgeous boy with a lovely broad head, very kind expression, wonderful substance and bone, great coat, thick ottertail and a loving temperament. He is a proven stud and produces gorgeous, even tempered puppies!



Tuff is co-owned and living with Diane at Legacy Mountain Ranch Labradors in Washington. Please direct all stud inquiries for Tuff to Diane at legacymtnranch@hotmail.com - website: familyyellowlabs.com

Stud service:


Please note: It is your responsibility as the females owner to make sure she is ready to be bred. Progesterone testing is highly recommended. If we arrive at the vet and are unable to do a successful AI then you are still responsible for the vet expenses. We recommend Riverview Animal Clinic in Clarkston, WA for side by side AI's.


Info for LaBrook's Commander-In-Chief (EIC, CNM and PRA Clear. Dilute Clear. Pure for Yellow. OFA Hips Excellent and Elbows Normal) - CH Pt'd/SH sired - GCH/MH MHU grandsired- high concentration of CH/MH's!

Teddy is a handsome boy from an amazing pedigree. He is available to approved females. He has all clearances and comes from a very nice pedigree. His stud fee is at an introductory $500, due upon a successful breeding. Teddy is pure for yellow, does not carry chocolate. Click here to view Teddy's pedigree.


Info for LaBrook's Storm In The Heartland (EIC, CNM, Prcd-PRA and Dilute cleared by parentage. OFA pending)

Great English lines, with several of the breeds CH/MH's behind him!

Billy is not yet available at stud. He will be available at stud once his OFA has been completed. His stud fee will be $500, due upon a successful breeding. Billy is black, carrying chocolate. He may also carry yellow (DNA test pending) Click here to view Billy's pedigree.


Requirements for females:

  • Must be AKC registered (or with another reputable registry)
  • Must be 2yrs+
  • A 4 generation pedigree and copies of all clearances must be provided
  • Minimum clearances are OFA Hips/Elbows and Eyes. EIC, CNM and PRA are highly recommended.
  • No female will be accepted that is: dilute, a dilute carrier or from dilute lines or associated with dilutes (this means females dilute clear but are from dilute lines or a dilute clear female owned by a dilute breeder or breeder intending to breed dilutes).
  • We will refuse stud services to any female of any other breed. Please do not contact us and ask for an exception. The answer will always be NO.
  • Females must have a negative brucellosis test.


We no longer board females at our home. You will be responsible for getting her to our home for all breedings or to the vet if a side by side AI is preferred.






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