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 - Read more about the importance of health testing and what is recommended for each breed

Learn more about the dishonesty regarding "silver labs".

The gene required to produce a dilute lab is NOT naturally found in Labs! They are not rare, and they are not pure!




A look into common misconceptions.


I hear these statements often: "I want an English Lab, are yours English?", "I want a rare white Lab, do you ever have pure white puppies?" or "I want a rare red Lab, do you have any?".


First, lets touch base on Type.

What is an English Lab? Well, one born in England! Yes, that is correct! An English Lab is one born in England. While there are some English Labs imported from England right here in the USA, many people claiming to own an English Lab or breed them, typically do not have a Lab from England and their Lab most likely does not have an English ancestor anywhere close up in their pedigree to make a difference. What they are referring to is the style they have or breed. English is mostly referring to the stockier show bred Lab. American typically referring to the leaner Field bred.

Click here for additional information: LRC- Field vs Show


On to color!

Despite what you may have read online, or have seen advertised by some breeders, there is NO such thing as a white Lab. They are simply a very light shade of yellow and you guessed it, they are NOT rare! The same goes for red Labs (called Fox Reds). This is just a super dark shade of yellow and also, NOT rare! Don't get sucked in with the fads that many try to market. A yellow Lab is a yellow Lab, no matter how light or dark they are. You can also find there are mismarks that do occur in Labs and have been recorded from the very beginning. You can read more on Mismarks here.


Dilute labs, well that is another hot topic and I won't go off on it much simply because it would make this page really long. In short, dilut Labs really are not considered pure. Why? Because the gene needed to produce a dilute is not naturally found in the Labrador breed. So it had to have been introduced after the stud books closed. Please see the link (Say not to Silver badge) above for additional information.





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